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Foley, MN 56329-0325
Call or text us at 320-290-8491
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Office/Studio visits are by appointment only
Kalton Communications is based in the heart of
Upper Midwest USA near Foley, Minnesota.

Our business focuses on three core areas:  
and television production, sound production, and

Video & TV Production - Video and TV
productions produced by
Kalton Communications
can promote a business or organization, train
employees or volunteers, document an event or a
real-life situation, educate
or entertain viewers,
market a product or service, or preserve a

View samples of our video productions    

Sound Production - Sound recording, sound
editing, sound mixing, and sound design.  We
also offer voice talent services and provide sound
reinforcement services for events.

Advertising Services - We produce video ads for
movie theater screens, websites, video displays,
and large outdoor video signs.  We also create
print ads for periodicals.

Our services put you in touch with those seeking
your products or services!
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