From his dream in 1997 until today, the
company that bears Bill's name has
grown to provide video production, pro
audio, and cinema advertising services to
people, businesses, and organizations all
over central Minnesota.

  • Founded in 1997 as a video
    production company, by 2015
    Kalton Communications is a media  
    company providing video production,
    pro audio,and cinema advertising

  • Wholly owned and operated by Bill &
    Gini Kalton

  • Based near Foley, Minnesota

  • Number of employees: 2 full-time

  • Our Mission: to preserve and create
    memories, inform, entertain, enlighten,
    engage, and to help people,
    businesses, and organizations market
    and communicate.

  • Hours of operation: Monday - Friday
    9am - 6pm, weekends as needed.
Company Profile
St. Cloud State University with a degree
Meet Bill Kalton:  Bill graduated from in
mass communications that focused on
radio and television production. He and
radio as a deejay, and sold produced
radio advertising.produced radio

Bill proudly served on active duty in the
U.S. Army and the U.S. Air Force, and
retired from the U.S. Air Force Reserve
as a Lieutenant Colonel. His military
service included television and video
production, and public relations.

While working a full time job, Bill began
planning his dream of owning and
operating his own video production
"Our first job was in 1997, a
riverboat wedding on the Saint Croix
shot on
VHS tape!"

Bill keeps his company up-to-date with
changes in technology; his goal is to
always provide the quality and service
his clients have come to expect.
Copyright 2019 by Kalton Communications.  All Rights Reserved.
Meet the Team!
Meet Maya: Maya joined team
Kalton on April 28, 2009. This
beautiful young lady discovered
us during a visit to the Tri-County
Humane Society in Saint Cloud.
She very quickly filled our hearts
with laughter and joy, and became
Chief Motivational Officer.
Meet Gini Kalton: Gini grew up in a
small town on the California coast,
and moved with her two young
children to Minnesota in 1982.

Her background included amateur
photography, a love of writing and the
written word, and work experience
ranging from nurse's aid and food
service, to director of transportation
and retail management.

"Bill introduced me to a new world
through the lens of his video camera.
I married this amazing, talented man,
and was excited to work with him to
make his dream production company
a reality."

Gini has become an experienced
writer, producer/director, editor,
videographer, still photographer and
graphic designer.
Proud member of
About Us
Since 2010
Kalton Communications does not and
shall not discriminate on the basis of
race, color, religion (creed), gender,
gender expression, age, national origin
(ancestry), disability, marital status,
sexual orientation, or military status, in
any of its activities or operations.