Your advertising video may include video clips, photos, voice-over, and music.

Base price includes: up to two hours filming and sound recording on location (one
professional video camera, lighting equipment, and audio equipment - including
wireless or wired microphone), our in-house professional voice-over talent,
royalty-free music, editing of all elements into the production (including logo, tag
line, and contact information), and one copy of your completed advertising video
as a digital HD file on a USB flash drive or on a standard DVD data disc.

Add-on services available: multi-camera filming, still photography, script writing,
and storyboarding. Please call for rates.

There may be an additional charge for travel, parking, meals and lodging,
depending on the location of filming for your advertising video.

When your business or organization is ready to have an advertising video produced

Call Kalton Communications first!

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We provide production and placement of advertising videos for display
on movie theater screens, outdoor movie screens, sports scoreboards,
TV screens and websites.


15 SECOND . . . . . . . $375
30 SECOND . . . . . . . $500

Upload to Kalton Communications YouTube channel for hosting . . . $15

Hosting on Kalton Communications YouTube channel . . . . $50 per year