August 1, 2016


Today is the start of our blog on the Kalton Communications
website.  With this blog we hope to inform, entertain, educate and
inspire readers.  We will be posting text, photos and video about
our projects, media in general, movies, theatre, sound and video
production.  If there is a topic you would like me to cover, please
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Bill Kalton
August 27, 2016

Fix The Mix!

Have you ever been to a concert and felt that the sound was bad?   
Why was the sound bad?   Was it the sound equipment?  Was it
the acoustics of the venue?   Was it the mix?  Or a combination of

In many cases, it is the mix of the vocals and the instruments that
causes the bad sound.   A bad mix can occur when the instruments
are louder than the vocals.  There seems to be a stylistic difference
in the mix that the current generation of sound technicians desires
to hear and what those of us who are older want to hear.  The
current generation of sound technicians seems to like a mix with
instruments being emphasized,

So, how do we fix the mix?  From my experience, I think we need to
attempt to mentor current and future generations of sound
technicians and teach them what constitutes is a proper mix.

Good sound can be achieved by creating mixes that audiences can
appreciate and enjoy!  

Bill Kalton
September 23, 2016

I am excited to announce that our first Kalton Communications
The Foley Show, will begin in October 2016.  I will have
more details in a future post.

Bill Kalton

Kalton Communications' podcast, The Foley Show, began in
October 2016.  The podcasts are about history, politics, health,
fitness, safety, security, money, business and more.  It is our goal to
engage our audience and provide original content.  You can listen to
the podcast at