Event Videography
Kalton Communications can provide
event videography for a variety of

The following events we film in
which we cover our cost of
production through the client or host
organization facilitating the
pre-order of  DVDs of the event at
$25.00 each.  MN Sales Tax is
included in the price of each DVD.   

* Dance Recitals

* Dance Line Competitions

* Social Dance Competitions

* Talent Shows

* Figure Skating Shows

* Cheer Competitions

* Class or Family Reunions

* Awards Ceremonies

* Vocal & Instrumental Competitions

* Marching Band Performances &

* Church Presentations, Programs
and Concerts

* School Events, Programs,
Concerts, Graduations,
Proms, and Senior Lock-Ins

* Exhibitions

* City Ambassador Programs

The following events we film in
which we find sponsors to pay for
our cost of video production of the
event.  Sponsors receive a banner ad
(logo or business card) placed on a
web page next to an embedded video
of the event or the sponsor can
underwrite our cost of producing the
event video and have their logo
placed at the beginning of the video.

* Sporting Events (including golf

* Contests/Games

* City Ambassador Programs

* County Fairs

* Parades

* Community Festival Events

* Fund Raisers

* Expos

The following events we film in
which the host organization or  
participants pay for all of our video
production costs:

* Birthday Parties

* Wedding Anniversary Parties

* Conferences

* Funerals

Kalton Communications offers video
documentation of visitations,
funerals and celebrations of life.  
We also offer large screen projection
or a large flat screen monitor for
overflow rooms at funerals.

* Magic Shows

* Juggling Acts

* Corporate Events

* Launches

* Band Performances

* Lectures

* Meetings

* Speeches

* Debates

* Conventions

* Training Seminars

* Workshops

* Company Parties

* Political Events

* Open Houses

* Weddings

We can produce a video of just your
wedding ceremony for $900.  A full
day wedding video package starts at
$1,500.  Call 320-290-8491 for our
availability and full details about our
wedding videography services!

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We offer one, two or three camera
videography live - to - digital media
capture of events.

We can produce DVDs of the event
that are edited with titles, credits and
video effects.

If you are an organization hosting an
event and would like to hire Kalton
Communications to film your event,
please give us a call at 320-290-8491.

Image Magnification:

Kalton Communications can use one
or more cameras, projectors, and
screens to enlarge an image of a
speaker, presenter, singers or a
band at a live show in order to give
the audience a better view.  Image
magnification helps to ensure
everyone has a good seat in the
venue!  Contact us for more
Sample Event Videos
Event videography
services may be subject
to Minnesota Sales Tax.
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