We offer one, two or three camera filming of any event for up to four hours. The video
of your event will be edited with titles, credits, and video effects produced on a
standard professional DVD.

A deposit equal to one third the total estimated cost for the production of your event
is required to hold your event date. (Should your event be cancelled, a full refund of
your deposit will be available only when cancellation is received no later than two
weeks before the event.)  Event videography may be subject to Minnesota State sales

ATTENTION ORGANIZATIONS: Your organization may choose to cover the cost
of having your event filmed and produced on DVD with a payment of $500
plus the
pre-sale of 50 DVDs at $25.00 each (includes Minnesota State sales tax and is
offered for events held in Minnesota only).

Includes two videographers, two cameras, sound equipment, and editing with titles,
credits and video effects to a complete production.

Event Video Sponsorships: As an underwriter, your business or organization will be
supporting the production of community event videos that are accessed on-demand
via YouTube.  Contact Kalton Communications for more information about event video

Sound & Video Services for Events:

Sound and Video Equipment Hire

All sound and equipment you hire from us is “wet hired” -- Our company Sound &
Video Technician sets up and operates the equipment.

Sound & Video Technician

Kalton Communications can provide the technical staff needed to operate the sound
and video elements for your event.  We work closely with businesses and community
organizations, and provide on-side sound & video technicians for their events.

Sound & Video Technician Pricing

One Sound & Video Technician - $25.00 per hour or $175 per day (up to 8 hours)

If you have any questions about what we do, or you’d like to hire some sound or
video equipment, please contact Bill, our friendly and knowledgeable Sound & Video
Coordinator.  He will be looking forward to your text message or call at 320-290-8491.

Video Support at Events:

Large Screen Projection (client provided screen): $125 per event (limited to 2 hours)

Large Screen Projection (with presentation screen): $150 per event (limited to 2 hours)

Image Magnification: $150 per event  

Video Playback: $75 per event                                
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