What we do:

* We produce ads that can be projected in a
movie theater or on a large outdoor movie

Our ads offer full-motion, a high definition
picture, full color images and high quality

Our movie screen ads are designed to:

*  Grab a viewer's attention!
*  Spark a viewer's interest!
*  Create a desire!
*  Inspire a viewer to take action!

Who should advertise on a movie theater
screen or on a large outdoor movie screen?

Movie screen advertising is ideally suited to
businesses and non-profit organizations that
offer products or services which can be used
by almost anyone.

Advertisers can include, but are not limited

Appliance Stores
Auto Dealers
Auto Supply Stores
Convenience Stores
Credit Unions
Drug Stores
Event Centers
Farm Supply Stores
Furniture Stores
Hardware Stores
Health Care Providers (Dentists,
Orthodontists, Podiatrists, General
Practitioners, Therapists, Plastic Surgeons,
and Chiropractors)
Heating and Cooling Companies
Insurance Agents
Jewelry Stores
Lawn & Garden Stores
Law Offices
Schools of all levels
Sporting Goods Stores
Staffing Services
Wedding Shops

Hire Kalton Communications to produce your
movie screen advertising!

Call 320-290-8491 or email Bill Kalton,
bill@ kaltoncommunications.com.
Movie Screen Ad Production Rates:

15 Second . . . . . . . $375
30 Second . . . . . . . $500
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Tips for Showing An Outdoor Movie

For a large audience, the minimum size
screen should be 16' X 9'.

A 30' X 17'  screen is the best size to
show an outdoor movie to a large
audience (over 500 people).

Movie Screen Advertising
Other Movie Screen Advertising Services:

Convert your movie screen ad to another
format to run in a particular movie theater.  
Rate:  $50

Upload movie screen ad to Internet for
distribution to a
nother movie theater
advertising agency.  Rate:  $15    
Word Count For A Movie Screen Ad

15 second ad . . . . 32 words

30 second ad . . . . 70 words
Text On Screen For A Movie Screen Ad:

15 second ad . . . . No more than 20 words

30 second ad . . . . No more than 40 words
Movies theaters in Minnesota where
movie screen ads produced by Kalton
Communications have been projected
include the Marcus Theatres in St. Cloud
and Elk River, the Brickhouse Cinema in
Foley, the Milaca Theatre, Buffalo
Cinema, and the Quarry Cinema in Cold
Kalton Communications sold and produced the on-screen advertising for the
Brickhouse Cinema in Foley, MN
in 2015 and 2016!
We can produce a preshow with local
ads for a
non-profit organization that is
planning to show an outdoor movie!