Video Production Rates
General Videography:

One professional videographer, one camera, tripod, basic lighting equipment, wireless
microphone and shotgun microphone.  Hours = arrival time through wrap.
Video and audio editing is charged separately.   
Note: General Videography rate
doubles with two cameras.

$750 Day Rate - 10 hours (including one hour for lunch)
$75 per additional hour

$450 1/2 Day Rate - 3 to 5 hours
$90 per additional hour

$100 per hour - up to 2 hours

Two-person Crew . . . . . $1,000 per day (8 hours)

Add One Camera  . . . . . .  $50 per hour (no additional videographer)

Add One Crew Member . . $50 per hour

Producer or Director . . . .  $500 per day
of Photography (DP)

Freelance Videographer . . . $500 per day, plus $50 for gas
(hire our videographer to
work for your Producer-Director
or DP)  

Studio Videography/Green Screen . . . . $60.00 per hour (one camera)

Event Videography (non wedding events):  

Event Videography Package:

(based on events of up to three hours in length)

Includes two videographers, two cameras, sound equipment, and editing with titles, credits and
video effects to a complete production.

Client or host organization facilitates the pre-sale of DVDs of the event at $25 each to cover our
cost of production.  MN Sales Tax is included in the price of each DVD.   

Raw Footage On DVD or USB Thumb Drive:

Price depends on cost of media, and time to copy and transfer raw video to media.         

Funeral or Memorial Service Videography:

Basic funeral and memorial service videography is charged
at $325, with $75 additional for committal service coverage.
The package includes filming, editing, and one DVD in a

Committal Service coverage alone is $175.

Additional DVDs are $15 each.

Computer/Internet video files (.mp4) of the committal service are $15 each.

We upload the funeral video to the Internet for private viewing:  $15.

Charge for mailing DVDs:  $10 each.

Travel fee for providing funeral videography more than 25 miles from our studio:  $50

How long it takes to film a project:

A 30-second commercial may take up to three hours to film.

Video Production (Without Filming):  (Includes editing, graphic design, rendering, etc.)

Day Rate:  $600

Click here for our Video Editing Rates!

Sorting/Logging . . . . . . . .  $25 per hour
Video Tapes

Update or upgrade . . . . . .  Cost of filming
of a video that we               & editing       
produced for you  

Facility Tour Videos or Overview Videos:  

2 to 3 minutes in length . . . . $500 to $1,200          

Special Video Recording Sessions:  (For Realtors, Insurance Agencies, Travel Agencies,
Photographers and city and county government )

$125 per Session - up to two hours, extra fee for editing)

Legal Video Depositions:

$75 per hour, 2 hours Minimum

Promotional & Marketing Video Production:  See detailed pricing here!

Video Ad Production Pricing:   (Contact Kalton Communications for production

$375 . . . . . . . . . . . 15 seconds in length
$500 . . . . . . . . . . . 30 seconds in length

Conference & Testimonial Video Production:  (Contact Kalton Communications)

Training Video Production:  (Contact Kalton Communications for details!)

Corporate Video Production:  

Most corporate videos range from 15 to 60 minutes in length.  Contact Kalton Communications
for pricing!

Wedding Video Production:  

We can produce a video of just your wedding ceremony for $900.
Full day wedding video packages start at $1,500.  Call 320-290-8491for our availability,
and for more details about our wedding video production services, click

Large Screen Video Projection & Flatscreen Display Pricing:

(For presentations, weddings and other events)

Our service includes the equipment and an audio visual presentation technician.

Large Screen Projection . . $125 per event (up to 2 hours)

Large Screen Projection . . $150 per
event (with presentation                                  
screen added)

Flat Screen Video Display . . $150 per

Video Transfers & Conversions:

Videotape Transfer to DVD

Analog videotapes loose their quality every day.  To save your precious memories, have us
transfer your family home movies and wedding movies on videotape to DVD.  DVDs can last
50 years or more. We will not transfer copyrighted videotapes to DVD, unless you or we own
the copyright.

Kalton Communications can transfer VHS, VHS-C, S-VHS, Hi8 and Mini-DV videotapes
to DVD.

Our Videotape to DVD Pricing

We charge $25 per DVD.  A DVD will hold up to two hours of video.  If the total length of the
video on the tape exceeds 120 minutes, it will be transferred to two DVDs and the charge will
be $50.

You may combine up to four short video tapes on one DVD, as long as the total length of
combined video does not exceed 120 minutes.  There is no extra charge for combining short
video tapes on one DVD.

Disc label and slimline case are included in price. We transfer your videotapes to DVD-R's.

Any editing of video footage prior to transfer will be charged at $50.00 per hour.

Convert Video On Tape To Digital File

We can convert video on your tapes to digital video files, then place them DVDs or USB Flash

We charge $25 to convert up to 120 minutes of video tape to a digital file.  You have a
choice of .avi, .mov, or .mp4 for your digital video file format.  The charge to place the digital
file on a Data DVD or a USB Flash Drive is $15.   Customer must provide appropriate sized
USB Flash Drive for the file to be placed on.

Any editing of video tapes prior to conversion will be charged at $50 per hour.

Video File Conversions

We charge $15.00 per video file conversion.

.AVI to .WMV, .MOV or .MP4
.MOV to AVI, .WMV or .MP4
.MP4 to .AVI, .MOV or .WMV

Other Video Services:

Add titles and chapters to DVD:  $25.00

DVD case and DVD labeling:  $10.00

Transfer files to external Hard Drive:  $15

Add a loop to DVD for playback:  $5.00  

Upload digital files to the Internet:  $15.00

Video processing: $50.00 per hour

8mm or VHS video tape repair:  $5.00 to $10.00 per cassette

Web Video Hosting:  $50 per video per year

Your video is hosted on Kalton Communications' YouTube Channel.

Still Photography Work:

Commercial Shoot . . . . . . . . $325

Still Image Editing . . . . . . . .  $50 per hour

35 mm Slides, Photos (up to size 8 X 10), and 110 & 127 film formats scanned and transferred
to CD or made in to a digital format

35 cents per image
(customer provides CD or USB Flash Drive)

Writing/Graphic Design:

Scripting, meetings, and          $50 per hour
other pre-production

Scripting Assistance                $50 per hour
(Tweaking scripts written
by clients)

Writing for websites,               $50 per hour  
brochures, posters
business cards and flyers

Edit text for manuals,              $50 per hour
brochures or websites

Animated Logo Design            $50 per hour

Graphic design for your DVDs

Kalton Communications can design and print your on-disc labels and case labels.

Special Equipment:

Special Equipment                  $25 per item,
(mics, lights, dollies,                per hour
cranes, sliders, etc.)

3,600 watt portable                 $30 per hour

Consulting:                            $30 per hour

Travel Fees:

When applicable, parking fees will be added to invoice. We charge $50 per day for fuel to film
any non wedding productions (interviews, B-Roll, events, training videos, promotional videos,
funerals, meetings, conferences, etc.) more than 50 miles from our studio.  

Our travel fee is $.55 per mile for mileage to travel to locations more than 75 miles from our
studio to film weddings.

In situations where our videographer would need to travel a full day to a location to film
, we will charge $750 for the full day of travel.  A lodging charge will apply for
overnight stays (Locations of more than 150 miles from our studio).

**Only available when we are hired to do other services for the same event.

Note:  Certain services may be subject to Minnesota Sales Tax.  If applicable,
Minnesota Sales Tax will added to invoice.  Shipping, if needed is extra.  Kalton
Communications accepts cash, personal checks, money orders and certified bank checks
as payment for services.  However, we do not accept third-party checks.  Rates and services
can change at any time.  Call 320-290-8491 for the most current information.

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