Sound Recording:

On-Location Sound Recording - $75 per hour*


  • Recording engineer
  • Digital sound recorder
  • Up to 6 microphones
  • Up to 6-channels of audio mixed to
    2-channels of audio recorded
  • Recorded raw audio on either one data CD or as
    audio file on a USB flash drive

Funeral/Memorial Service Sound Recording - Package
rate: $171 (price includes up to two hours of unedited
recording on two CDs, plus Minnesota State sales tax)

Event Public Address (PA) and Live Sound
- A vital communications medium for
fairs, expos, festivals, social events and sports events!
Whether people are meeting, celebrating, or being
entertained, Kalton Communications provides a sound
system and operator for announcements and sound
playback. Our sound system is suitable for indoor or
outdoor, both private and public events with 80 to 100
people in attendance.

Included: audio engineer, up to four micro-phones (two
hand-held corded, and two wireless), two microphone
stands, two speakers, 4-channel mixer, and amplifier.  
Our services include setup, operation, and tear down.

$50 per hour, with a two hour minimum*

Sound Mixing - $30 per hour*

Audio Editing - $50 per hour*
  • Edit audio tracks for content, length, and sound
  • Extract audio from video files
  • Burn audio tracks to CD, or deliver as audio files on
    a USB flash drive

Freelance Audio Production/Technical Support* -
client provides sound equipment.
  • Audio engineer/mixer at fairs and events - $25 per
  • Sound boom-pole operator - $25 per hour

Audio Transfers - transfer audio from cassettes and
record albums to CD (with or without tracks) and/or
digital files. Prices vary, please call for free estimate.

Sound System Proposal, Design & Installation - $25
per hour*

Sound Design - $30 per hour*

We design sound for genres including television, web
videos, corporate training videos, documentaries, live
events, and more.

We offer a full range of sound design services

• Voice-overs
• Special effects sound editing
• Sound “sweetening”
• Stereo & 5.1 surround mixing
• Recording
• Dialogue clean ups
• Track laying

Consulting Services - $30 per hour*

  • Concerts
  • Company Events
  • Community Events
  • Theatrical Productions
  • Church Services
  • Outdoor Movies

*travel fees, and Minnesota State sales tax may apply.
For more information about our professional sound services

please call:

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Radio Advertising Production:

Length                                                               20 Second     30 Second     60 Second
Straight Read or Dry Voice (client script)                 $20.00           $30.00           $40.00
Add music to above (client script)                             40.00             50.00             60.00
Write copy, provide voice & music                             80.00           100.00           120.00

  • Your advertising production will be delivered as a digital file on CD or
    USB flash drive
  • Additional copies – contact us for media duplication pricing
  • Travel fees and Minnesota State sales tax may apply

Emcee, plus music for your
Christmas Party!

Call 320-290-8491
Sound Production
Professional Voice Rates
Ask us about providing an
operator and sound system
for your wedding ceremony!
Bill Kalton
  • Voice-overs - $50 per hour
    per voice* (male & female
    voice-over talent is

  • Event Announcer, Emcee,
    or Spokesperson at an
    event - $200 per day or
    $100 per event (up to 4
    hrs; venue provides sound
Planning an outdoor wedding?
Call 320.290.8491
Professional Voice Talent:
    Voice-Over Talent for

    - Radio Commercials

    - Movie Screen Ads

    - Industrial/Training Videos

    - TV Productions

    - Documentaries

    PA/Event Announcer -
    sponsor announcements,
    general informational
    announcements, host
    contests, and pump up the
Kalton Communications produces sound for Radio, Video and TV!