Kalton Communications offers video editing services for:

- We will edit your home videos into a keepsake.

Sportsmen - We will edit your hunting and fishing videos into polished productions.

Businesses, organizations, hospitals, schools, any government offices, local or
county jails
- We will edit your training videos (additional copies are available for
purchase on USB flash drive or DVD for wide distribution.

Videographers - We will edit your footage, all or in part, as needed.

Video Editing Rates*: $50.00 per hour - includes but is not limited to raw video
footage, graphics design, motion graphics, video processing (color correction, audio
adjustment, & etc.), green screen compositing, and DVD authoring.

Video productions requiring longer than one hour to render will be charged an
additional $20.00 per hour.

Still Photo Processing*: $50 per hour - applies to still photography shot by Kalton
Communications for use in non-consumer video productions only.

Post Production Services*:

Looped Playback DVD: $10 (previously authored productions only)

Additional copies on DVD: (One copy of your completed production on a standard
DVD is included.)  Duplicate copies are $15 each.

Upload Digital Files to Internet: $15 per file

Web Video Hosting for businesses and organizations: $50 per year (hosted on Kalton
Communications YouTube channel)

*MN State sales tax may apply, and is not included.

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Video Editing