Video Production
Kalton Communications produces videos for all media, including DVD, websites, social
media, movie screens and TV.
For additional information and pricing for our video production services, please visit our
page or call 320-290-8491.

You may send an e-mail to request more information and pricing for our services to:   
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We can provide still photography, by
request, to be used in training or
promotional video productions.
"Thank you so much for producing our
family reunion DVD!  My mom and I
watched it, and I showed parts of it to my
husband. I am SO happy to have such a
wonderful keepsake from our family
reunion time together!"

Ames, IA
"I just wanted to say thank you very
much for the video!  It is awesome!  It
is so fun! I just wanted to call and say
that you did a wonderful job!

Sauk Rapids, MN
The types of videos we can produce include:

* Training Videos
* Promotional Videos                                        
* Fundraising Videos
* Sporting Event Videos                                        
* Video Ads
* History Videos
* Corporate Videos          
* Music Videos                               
* Life Story Videos
* Biography Videos
* Tribute Videos                                        
* Family History Videos                                    
* "How To" Videos
* One-On-One Instructional Videos
* High School Graduation Videos
* Special Event Videos
* EPK (Electronic Press Kits) for bands &
* Public Relations Videos (for city and county
* Short Films
* Community Event Videos
* Adventure, Nature, Science, Culture,
Travel, History, and Railroad
* TV Commercials
* Video Tours (also known as facility
video tours)
* Construction Documentation Videos
* Trade Show Videos
* Funeral Videos
* Reunion Videos
* Point-Of-Sale Display Videos for Retail Stores
* Testimonial Videos
* Product Demos
* News Videos
* Wedding Videos
* Recruiting Videos
* "About Us" Videos
* Educational & Industrial Videos
* Sales Videos
* Marketing Videos
* Healthcare Videos
* Demonstration Videos
* "Do It Yourself" Videos
* Sizzle Reels
* Medical Videos
* Non-Profit Videos
* Web Series
* Reality TV Shows
* Real Estate Tours
* Parade and Marching Band Videos
* Website Cover Videos ( 20 - 90 seconds long)
When video is implemented, extra
revenue is generated, expenses are cut,
communications are enhanced, and
brand image is improved.
Kalton Communications provides video
production services to Foley, St. Cloud,
Central Minnesota and beyond!  
Video Production Crews:

Our on-location video production crews can
consist of a single videographer; a
Producer/Director and a videographer; or a
Director of Photography (A camera) and a 2nd
Videographer (B camera).  If needed, we can
provide a four person crew which can consist of
a Producer/Director, Director of Photography,
Sound Technician, and a Production Assistant.
A fifth person (gaffer or Production
Coordinator) can also be added.

We go on location to film most of the video that is
used in our productions!
CONSULTING services!
Types of Events Kalton Communications

* Conferences
* Speakers
* Exhibitions
* Meetings
* Trainers
* Entertainment
* Conventions
* Panel Discussions
* Business Parties
* Stage Events
* Tradeshows
* Sports Events
* Community Events
* Weddings
Samples of Our Video Work
Many successful businesses and
organizations use video as a
communications tool!
Kalton Communications produces
content for all screens!

It is estimated that 80 percent of all
Internet traffic by 2021 will be video.

Kalton Communications has extensive
experience in online video production!