Video Transfers and  
Note:  All pricing is subject to
Minnesota Sales Tax.  Shipping
is extra.  Services and prices
can change at any time.  For
more information call
Graphic design for your DVDs

Kalton Communications can
design and print your on-disc
labels and case labels.
Our Videotape to DVD

We charge $25 per DVD.  A
DVD will hold up to two
hours of video.  If the total
length of the video on the
tape exceeds 120 minutes, it
will be transferred to two
DVDs and the charge will be

You may combine up to four
short video tapes on one
DVD, as long as the total
length of combined video
does not exceed 120
minutes.  There is no extra
charge for combining short
video tapes on one DVD.

Disc label and slimline case
are included in price. We
transfer your videotapes to

Any editing of video footage
prior to transfer will be
charged at $50.00 per hour.

Convert Video On Tape To
Digital File

We can convert video on
your tapes to digital video
files, then place them DVDs
or USB Flash Drives.

We charge $25 to convert up
to 120 minutes of video tape
to a digital file.  You have a
choice of .avi, .mov, or .mp4
for your digital video file
format.  The charge to place
the digital file on a Data DVD
or a USB Flash Drive is $15.   
Customer must provide
appropriate sized USB Flash
Drive for the file to be placed

Any editing of video tapes
prior to conversion will be
charged at $50 per hour.
Videotape Transfer to DVD

Analog videotapes loose their
quality every day.  To save
your precious memories, have
us transfer your family home
movies and wedding movies
on videotape to DVD.  DVDs
can last 50 years or more. We
will not transfer copyrighted
videotapes to DVD, unless
you or we own the copyright.

Kalton Communications can
transfer VHS, VHS-C, S-VHS,
Hi8 and Mini-DV videotapes
to DVD.
Video File Conversions

We charge $15.00 per video file

.AVI to .WMV, .MOV or .MP4
.MOV to AVI, .WMV or .MP4
.MP4 to .AVI, .MOV or .WMV

Other Services

Add titles and chapters to DVD  

DVD case and DVD labeling  

Transfer files to external Hard
Drive  $15

Add a loop to DVD for playback  

Upload digital files to the Internet  

Video processing: $50.00 per hour
8mm or VHS video tape repair:
$5.00 to $10.00 per cassette
and this
to this
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35 mm Slides, Photos (up
to size 8 X 10), and 110 &
127 film formats scanned
and transferred to CD or
made in to a digital format

35 cents per image
(customer provides CD or
USB Flash Drive)
We offer archival disk
services!  Contact us for
more information.